Welcome to the home of the Bybrook Trust, a local charity established by the Lysley family to protect and promote the unique natural environment of the Bybrook valley and adjoining areas.

Much of the land in the valley comprises Colham Farm, formerly the Castle Combe Estate, which has been under the ownership of the Lysley family since 1864 and enjoyed organic status accredited by the Soil Association since 1989.

riverIt is a beautiful area of land with a richly diverse ecology, including three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which deserves to be treasured and sympathetically managed for future generations to enjoy. In keeping with our belief in wildlife conservation, hunting, shooting and fishing are not permitted anywhere on the land.

To find out more, why not come and visit our Farm Centre at the Museum Building in the village of Castle Combe and take a stroll along one of the many well-trodden footpaths criss-crossing the region.